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If you're new to Trading Forex, the Trend Breaker Strategy is a simple strategy that could help you. 
It's like joining the dots... but on one of the largest financial markets in the world. There are some additional confirmations that I can share with you but this is the simplest form of trading breaks in trends across time frames.

The Trend Breaker Strategy is simple to apply to Forex Trading

I've used the Trend Breaker Strategy for a number of years - mainly on the lower time frames for scalping purposes.  Personally, I prefer to be in and out of my trades fairly quickly as I don't have the patience for longer term trades. Whilst the longer term trades may deliver more pips overall, I almost always succumb to the "instant gratification" of scalping. 

However, I will still apply longer term trades if I feel the set up is going to be a good option but I tend to run a separate account for my longer term trades as a "set and forget" type trade. 

In our trading community, we have a number of people who don't want to be sat in front of a computer all day staring at charts - and that's completely understandable. Some people don't have the time availability to be sat looking at charts - because they have a day job, they have a young family, they have hobbies... any number of reasons. 

I happen to enjoy it! 

Having said that we also have a number of people who enjoy the scalping side of trading forex and prefer to get in and out of their trades fairly quickly and bank their profits, knowing that they have locked in some money and are growing their trading account.

The Trend Breaker Strategy is like joining the dots

You know when you were a kid and you would join the dots to create a picture? Well this simple trading strategy is very similar to doing just that... except you don't draw a picture, you're just drawing one or two lines on the price chart and waiting for the break. 

In the meantime, whist waiting for the trend break, you can still trade with the trend, so if your overall trend on a particular forex currency pair is down, then place sell positions.

Here's a quick example of the Great British Pound against the Swiss Franc (GBPCHF)

This example is on the Daily time frame. You can see where I have circled 2 touches of the trend line, the third touch, breaks the trend line, comes back to retest and then heads off in an upward direction for around 1,000 pips.
(Not sure what a "pip" is? Don't worry, we've got you covered with full explanations on the next steps.)
GBPCHF-Daily Time Frame Trading Forex

Let's Break The Trend 

All you have to do is click the button to get started 

Just 3 simple initial steps to follow

Step 1

Pick a currency pair

Step 2

Draw a trend line on H1

Step 3

Draw a trend line on M15

Trend Breaker Strategy Logo
Just in case you have managed to get all the way to the bottom of the page... here's another opportunity for you to click the button... LOL

Seriously though, this is only going to cost you your time to take a look at the next steps.
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